Miley Cyrus sat down for a chat with Jay Leno on 'The Tonight Show,' and she was every bit as animated and funny as her character, Missi, on her guest arc of 'Two and a Half Men.'

Cyrus admitted that at first the love scenes with Angus T. Jones, who turned 19 at the end of the last episode they filmed together. "It was kind of weird, because when I was doing it, there's like the prop guys, and all these people, and they're like, 'Do you have your ring on?'" she sighed. "This feels weird, [to] take off my ring and make out with Angus -- this is creepy!" she laughed, noting she was used to seeing the actor, who plays Jake on the show, as an eight-year-old child. "He's coming back from the military in the episode, and you kind of put a man in a suit, he had a shaved head -- he kind of looked good!"

The starlet also talked about the backyard video sessions she's been recording and releasing. "It really is my backyard," she said of the videos. "My neighbors are stoked -- they get free concerts!" she laughed. "The guy who lives next to me actually did one of my tours, which is kind of awesome. Whenever I write a new song I'm like, 'Hey, you hear that over there? How's it coming? Should I put that out and make that happen?'"

Miles also revealed more proposal details (for the uninitated: she's the luckiest girl on Earth and engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth). "About 20 minutes after that performance -- it's one of Liam's favorite songs -- he asked me to marry him," she said, smiling. "I had no idea! He was sitting there and I'm like, 'He's looking at me funny!' And then I knew." So. Freakin'. Cute!

Watch Miley Cyrus Talk About Her Backyard Proposal