Last night (June 25) marked the start of Miley Cyrus' whirlwind promo tour, where she was a couch guest and performed 'We Can't Stop' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' before jetting to NYC for her 'Good Morning America' and 'Live! With Kelly and Michael' stint today (June 26).

It's a schedule that'd break mere mortals, but Miley is pop music's cyborg... at least for 24 hours.

Wearing a varsity jacket, thigh highs and shorts that looked like undies, Cyrus was upbeat during the interview. It was a bit ho-hum, since she didn't adress her parents and their divorce or her fiance Liam Hemsworth.

She revealed she had laryngitis and she was unable to move her neck. "I had to stop and give myself some time, which I never like doing," she said. "It's amazing how, when you treat your body right, it gets back into action." She was supposed to be quiet for a day, but she lasted an hour.

The host dissected her 'We Can't Stop' video. Cyrus confirmed it was inspired by real events. We dunno what's going on in her life, but...

She also spoke about her working relationship with Snoop Dogg, saying they get along since they both get high. She also hired one of her "stalkers" to work for her, and apparently, this stalker knows how to manipulate the web. She also revealed that something known as 'Mule Day' was a big holiday in the Cyrus household.

Cyrus got raunchy when she performed the new single 'We Can't Stop' outside. She straddled one of her dancers, too. Sexy! Cyrus wasn't super animated and didn't dance like, say, Lady Gaga or Beyonce, but she did bump and grind with her dancers in sultry, not-PG fashion. We'll give it to her -- the girl knows how to entertain when on stage.

For the broadcast encore, she performed the song 'Fall Down' with Who doesn't that guy work with? They performed back-to-back for the first verse and it was fun to watch. Throughout the perf, Miley was moving dem hips.

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