Holy cuteness! The Mini Warbler is back in action and has put the PopCrush "Adorable-ometer" into overload with his rendition of  Pink's 'Raise Your Glass' on 'Glee.' Little Kellan Sarmiento once again executes the Warbler's moves perfectly, save for when he picks a wedgie at the 0:50 mark. We'll cut him some slack on that one though, the kid is all of 4 years old!

The Mini Warbler's last viral video of him singing and dancing along to Glee's version of 'Teenage Dream' has over one million views and was tweeted and commented on by Glee stars Darren Criss, Telly Leung, Titis Makin Jr.,  and Riker Lynch. His latest video is approaching 50,000 views.

According to Kellan's parents in an interview with Pacific Rim Video, Kellan has been a Glee fan since the first episode. And if you were wondering where you can buy a pint-sized Warbler's outfit like this little crooner's -- sadly you're out of luck. His Lola (Grandma) made it for him!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, somebody get this kid a contract already!

Watch Kellan Get Down to 'Raise Your Glass'