If you asked 100 random Mitt Romney supporters which pop star they preferred – Lady Gaga or Britney Spears -- you'd probably pick Brit Brit, right?

Based on the fact that Brit is a Republican and the mother of two children, whereas Gaga is a loud and proud supporter of gay marriage and LGBT rights, it seems like a logical choice. Gaga is the patron saint of the gay marriage movement, beloved as a gay icon.

However, a social service poll has discovered that fans of Mitt don't prefer Brit! WTF?

We know, that sounds like campaign slogan button or a t-shirt.

Fuse reports that StumbleUpon compiled user data to determine the musical preferences and differences of supporters of President Obama and supporters of his challenger Romney. Turns out Obama supporters prefer Brit Brit, who was certainly liberal with her showing of skin during her Lolita heyday.

But we're beyond shocked that more little monsters support Romney. You'd think they'd be Barry O. all the way.

Little monsters, is this stat correct or are y'all voting for Obama, a notorious supporter of gay marriage who said he was intimidated when he met the larger-than-life Ma Monster?

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