Mollie King is (was?) a member of The Saturdays. But for now at least, she is not.

As hyped for months, the newly solo singer arrives at long last today (technically tomorrow, August 19) with her debut solo single: "Back To You." And, to great delight, it's a gorgeous way to begin.

The lead track from Mollie's forthcoming solo LP is an ode to being in a "vicious cycle with someone" (who may or may not be her ex-boyfriend British model David Gandy), and doesn't quite sound like what you'd immediately expect from one-fifth of bangers like "All Fired Up," "Notorious" and "Disco Love."

"I wanted it to be upbeat floorfillers," Mollie told PopJustice of the initial concept for writing songs for her LP. "It wasn’t until the day I wrote this one that it all made sense. I went into the studio and I said, 'guys, this is what I want to write about today, forget the brief'. I was feeling a bit low on the day. I wanted to write about the situation I was going through because that’s all that was on my mind. It’s weird how it worked out. I mean I’d nearly cancelled the session that morning, I just wasn’t it in the mood."

"Don't want to be with nobody. Just want to make it with you. Caught up in all of my feelings. Baby, why don't you feel like I do?"

The chilly, lush electronic midtempo, produced by LA duo The Blueprint and co-written with Rob Fusari (Beyonce, Lady Gaga), is subtle in its delivery — something she recognizes: "Now you look at everything and it’s all much more stripped back and choruses now aren’t massive big choruses. Things are a little more discreet," she said in that same interview.

"Why do I keep coming back to you?" Mollie incessantly pleads above the dreamy-yet-downtrodden chorus, gliding across tripping hi-hats and rich, atmospheric sound that fills the speakers. The song rides the wave of not so poppy, downtempo pop that's permeated throughout the industry over the past year, but still feels like something Florrie might dream up.

It's the kind of just-enough-of-a-tease lead single that makes you immediately crave more — and keep coming back.

Watch The Saturdays Play Name That Tune in our studio: