Time to scrub the record clean of any white liesThe Saturdays are absolutely, irrefutably, not breaking up, according to one member. Yes, they shall remain here standing.

It's recently been speculated that the five-piece Brit girl group, who came together in 2007 and have since spawned singles like "What About Us" and "Disco Love," have broken up in the years since the release of their 2013 album Living for the Weekend. But member Una Foden told The Daily Mail in a piece published yesterday (June 9) that, while temporarily spending some time apart, the ladies are not permanently going their separate ways. No need to get all fired up, everyone.

"No, no, no like absolutely 100%, I'll say it now: We're not splitting up, we're just going on a little bit of a hiatus," she said. "We just feel that we've got to that point where we're kind of taking a little step back and focusing on other things that we might want to personally pursue."

And this, Foden noted, might include some Saturdays solo work.

"I'd love to put an album of my own together because I've been writing for a long time," she told the site. "Music is my passion."

Relieved that The Saturdays are still living for the weekend? Think Una's bluffing, and that we've seen their last call? Share your thoughts on her words, and tell us if you'd like to hear some solo work from the ladies!