These days, one of the best measures of musicians' popularity is the number of Facebook fans they have amassed. Downloading a song is one thing, but announcing to all of your online friends that you like a particular artist? Now that's a true sign of adoration. Unlike some of our other Top 10 lists, you voted on this one, with every click of the 'like' button on the social networking site. Here are the 10 Most Popular Music Artists on Facebook.

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    Bob Marley

    28.8 Million Facebook Fans

    When reggae legend Bob Marley passed away in 1981, few music fans had ever used a computer. Thirty years later, nearly 29 million people have given him the virtual thumbs-up on Facebook. Marley's music endures thanks to its message of hope and inspiration in songs like 'One Love,' 'Stir It Up' and 'No Woman, No Cry' that cross genre lines to incorporate rock, pop and soul.

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    Lil Wayne

    29.4 Million Facebook Fans

    Even an 8-month prison stint in 2010 couldn't hurt Lil Wayne's popularity. Earlier this year, he set the Guinness World Record for most Facebook Likes within a 24-hour period. Weezy remains one of music's go-to guest artists, and his own album 'Tha Carter IV,' finally scheduled for release next month after a series of delays, will surely boost his fan total even more.

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    Katy Perry

    32.5 Million Facebook Fans

    Katy Perry's popularity exploded with the success of 'Teenage Dream,' which has exceeded all expectations with triple-platinum sales, four Grammy nominations and five massive hits: 'California Gurls,' 'Teenage Dream,' 'Firework,' 'E.T.' and 'Last Friday Night.' Perry's profile photos include one as the nerd from the 'Last Friday Night' video and two with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

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    Linkin Park

    32.7 Million Facebook Fans

    The only group in the Top 10 is Linkin Park, who have built their fan base with a decade of hits. The band arrived during the height of the rap-rock era, but their sound has evolved over the years to stay fresh and current. Linkin Park's most recent fan-pleasing single was 'Iridescent,' which appeared on the 'Transformers: Dark Of the Moon' soundtrack.

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    Justin Bieber

    33.4 Million Facebook Fans

    Justin Bieber's large Facebook fan total should be no surprise. Besides the fact that he has a young, dedicated group of fans, the Biebs is regarded as one of the most savvy and engaged musicians when it comes to social media. His success in this area was made official when he captured the Top Social Artist trophy at this year's Billboard Music Awards.

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    37.5 Million Facebook Fans

    Thanks to years of promotion in Latin America and Europe, Colombian spitfire Shakira was a worldwide star even before she released her first English album and began recording U.S. hits like 'Underneath Your Clothes' and 'Hips Don't Lie.' Her performance of 'Waka Waka (This Time for Africa),' the 2010 World Cup theme, further expanded her global fame and increased her fan total.

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    Michael Jackson

    38.4 Million Facebook Fans

    The King of Pop was also the King of Facebook for quite a while, before other artists eventually caught up. Jackson remains, by a mile, the most-liked among artists who are no longer with us. MJ's Facebook page includes a large selection of embedded music videos, from 2011's 'Hollywood Tonight' to his more legendary clips like 'Beat It,' 'Billie Jean,' and others from our Top 10 Michael Jackson Videos list.

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    Lady Gaga

    41.1 Million Facebook Fans

    Lady Gaga hasn't retreated from the spotlight since breaking through in 2009, and the 'Born This Way' singer's efforts have been rewarded with more than 40 million Facebook fans. The site helps Gaga stays in touch with her little monsters, and she frequently posts photos from her phone on her wall. Though she's only in third place on Facebook, Gaga is the champion of Twitter, with nearly 12 million followers.

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    41.2 Million Facebook Fans

    Rihanna just passed Gaga to become the most-liked female musician on Facebook. The 'Good Girl Gone Bad' continues to stay in the spotlight with the neverending run of hit singles from her 'Loud' album. RiRi's fan total has been rising at a faster rate than her closest competitors', so it's possible that within a few months, she'll advance to No. 1 on this list.

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    43.8 Million Facebook Fans

    Eminem is a digital force, as evidenced by his wildly successful 2010 release 'Recovery' becoming the first album ever to sell one million digital copies. Em's 43+ million Facebook fans are the most of any music artist and rank third among all pages on the site, behind only Texas Hold'em Poker and Facebook itself, making Eminem the reigning champion of the site.

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