Blake Shelton and Jordan Rager seemed like a match made in country music heaven -- two down-home boys with twang and underrated smiles would normally be an undeniable pairing. But armed with Jason Mraz's "reggae pop" hit 'I'm Yours' in her favor, it was Naia Kete who won the last spot on Team Blake on Monday's episode of 'The Voice,' moving her into the live rounds.

Jordan and Naia were paired up due to limited options, as they were the last two teammates due to face their destiny in the Battle Rounds. Expectedly, Jordan -- with his uber country sound -- shared that he was not so familiar with the musical library of Mr. Mraz going in, and even Blake Shelton admitted that the song choice was better suited for the female hopeful.

The 17-year-old kid did find himself more at home as he settled into his pre-battle rehearsal with Miranda Lambert, who he cited as one of his favorite -- and the hottest -- female artists. As she advised him, and her husband watched on, they both cited Jordan's lack of confidence on the song, as he's obviously not a pop artist.

Elsewhere, Naia cozied up to Kelly Clarkson as her advisor. The first 'American Idol' winner pointed out that 'The Voice' contestant clearly knows who she is as an artist, but added that the bar would be higher as pop music is her niche -- a good and bad thing. Kelly, ever the sweetheart, did more complimenting than advising, though it seemed Naia had it in the bag as it stood.

On stage, Jordan pepped up the crowd with an eager "c'mon y'all," while Naia led the pair into the song with an unparalleled beauty. Though his cat was nowhere to be seen, Cee Lo grinned like the Cheshire watching Naia -- his obvious favorite. But it wasn't up to him this time around. It was up to Shelton, who sheltered both contestants as if they were his own children up until judgement day.

"I'm trying not to throw up right now," he said, anticipating what his peers had to say about his team's duet performance. When it was his turn, he muttered a simple, "man, this sucks," which eloquently portrayed his feelings. 'The Voice' coach chalked it up to an even performance between Jordan and Naia, but he sided with experience -- and Naia Kete -- in the end.

Watch Naia Kete and Jordan Rager Perform 'I'm Yours' on 'The Voice'