Neon Hitch is real slick -- literally. The dance-pop songbird drenched herself in black oil during the video shoot for her hot new single, 'F--- U Betta.' The song is from her upcoming debut LP 'Beg, Borrow and Steal.'

The British singer posted several pictures from the set on her Twitter page, including one where she is slithering around in gooey oil. Hitch corrected her fans who thought she was wearing a catsuit in the photo. "The 'latex bodysuit' is actually just black oil on my body … got very messy lol," she wrote.

In another photo, Hitch is posing with a mannequin look-alike with an orange-colored bobbed wig. There's another pic of the 'A-- Back Home' singer laying on a tombstone in a black one-piece bikini and fierce stilettos.

Undoubtedly, the 'F--- U Betta' clip is going to feature some erotic and gothic visuals, much like her previous hip-hop cover videos like 'No Hands' (by Waka Flocka Flame) and 'On My Level' (by Wiz Khalifa).

According to Hitch, the day's shoot also left her scarred and bruised. "So sleepy, in so much pain," she tweeted. "Fibre glass in my noonie, but today felt magical. Can't wait for everyone 2 c F U Betta video!"

Well, you know what they say: No pain, no gain.