Will this feud ever end? Nicki Minaj is firing back at Lil' Kim once again with her new diss track, 'Tragedy.' Minaj released a snippet of the track, and the single cover shows the rapper getting bloody revenge against Lil' Kim, who notoriously "decapitated" the Harajuku Barbie on the cover of her 'Black Friday' mixtape. 

'Tragedy' was produced by Hit-boy and rumors have been circulating that the track will appear on Weezy's upcoming album, 'Tha Carter IV,' dropping May 16. In the snippet, which features speaker-busting bass and pounding drums, Minaj spits lines that prove she can bring the heat:

"'Pink Friday,' Eminem, '8 Mile' / It must hurt to sell your album off PayPal / Especially when you in the game, 15, 20 / You was hot when Shaq teamed up with Penny / Man, you was magic / I mean, look at you now ho / You just tragic / You a tragedy, you a parody / Last name Ann, first name Raggedy."

Ouch! We wonder what Kim has cookin' up for the next round in this catty rap battle.

Listen to Nicki Minaj, 'Tragedy' Snippet