Arguably, 2011 was the Year of the Barbz. Nicki Minaj ruled the charts and the airwaves with her debut LP 'Pink Friday.' The rap vixen's hard work has certainly paid off as her album hit double-platinum (2 million shipped) before the close out of 2011. Minaj announced on her Twitter of her recent achievement, stating, "World Wide sales: @NickiMinaj, Pink Friday 2.2million."

Minaj won't be resting on her rap laurels in 2012. Up next is her highly-anticipated sophomore effort titled 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,' which hits stores on Valentine's Day. However, there's nothing loving about Minaj's evil alter ego Roman Zolanski. Judging by the song 'Stupid Hoe,' the haters are going to feel the wrath of the Big Zo.

The Young Money queen recently shot videos for both 'Roman in Moscow' and 'Stupid Hoe,' which is expected to hit the Internet in a couple of weeks. Minaj plans on twerking and eating fried chicken in her 'Hoe' video. "Barbz, shld i twerk in the stupid hoe vid???" she asked her tweeples. "But i 4got my twerkin moves ... dang."

We wish Nick Minaj a successful 2012 with her new album and upcoming projects.