Ed Sheeran and One Direction have long since proven to be a veritable force in the music industry -- they work fine as separate entities, but when you put the two together, a perfect pop pairing is formed. Kind of like John Lennon and Paul McCartney, no?

So when this fan-made mashup hit the web earlier today (Oct. 29) we knew it was about to blow our minds, and blow our minds it did. It's a mashup of both artists' current singles ('Don't' for Ed and 'Steal My Girl' for One Direction) and they fit together so perfectly that -- had we not known better -- we wouldn't have guessed they were separate songs. The beat from Ed's 'Don't' lends a sense of urgency to 1D's sped-up vocals that we never knew we wanted until this very moment. In short? We. Are. Obsessed.

Don't believe us? Check it out above and take a listen for yourself! Then be sure to let us know how you feel about it. Is it the best pairing since mac and cheese? Jay and Beyonce? Kenan and Kel? We could keep going with this, but we'll stop there.

If anything, this is making us even more excited for that Ed/1D collaboration that's on One Direction's new album 'Four.' Can it be Nov. 17 already??

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