With One Direction's upcoming album release for 'Four' right around the corner (Nov. 17 to be specific!), it looks like the boys are finally back on the interview circuit. And considering the fact that we love One Direction interviews even more than Harry loves bananas, we have to admit we're totally thrilled.

In an interview with ODE, Harry and Liam play a game appropriately -- or inappropriately -- titled 'Fourplay,' and the look on Harry's face when the interviewer announces it is worth the watch alone. The boys are then asked a series of questions ranging from naming the four things they can't do well (Harry can't ice skate, skateboard, speak Italian and -- as a joke, of course -- sing, while Liam can't whistle), to favorite fan signs at concerts ("Irish you were naked" and "You guys suck, I'm here for the drummer") to the four questions they're most tired of being asked (Harry jokingly says "What's the worst question [you're asked]"). It's a great interview with Harry and Liam at their funniest.

Check out the hilarious interview above, and let us know what your favorite part is!

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