Owl City's Adam Young takes a ride to the future in the music video for his latest single, 'Deer in the Headlights.'

The video opens with Young skateboarding down a quiet street, when he comes upon the DeLorean from 'Back to the Future,' which happens to be blinking its lights to the synthy intro of 'Deer in the Headlights.' The singer does what anybody would do in that situation -- he ditches the board and hops in for a joyride.

He races past clusters of stars and giant floating jellyfish before stopping off at a convenience store, where he encounters a deer in the milk aisle and pours himself a coffee before heading towards the counter.

He begins serenading the cute checkout girl, played by Canadian pop singer Lights, who has opened for Owl City many times on tour over the past few years. "The female mystique takes my breath away," he sings. "So give me a smile or give me a sneer."

Just then, the cute girl becomes an old bearded guy in a turban, and we realize the girl was a figment of Young's imagination. Oops! He speeds from the scene, dodging dinosaurs on the road, before arriving in the year 2015 and coming face to face with his future self  in a spacesuit -- just as the clip ends.

'Deer in the Headlights is the latest single from 'All Things Bright and Beautiful,' which debuted at No. 6 on the album chart.

Watch the Owl City 'Deer in the Headlights' Video