Paramore deliver their familiar pop-punk sound on 'Hello Cold World,' a new track that has surfaced online and may appear on the group's next album. The song was one of three that Hayley Williams and the boys teased to fan club members last month.

Atop a chugging guitar riff, Williams delivers a wordy first verse in which she struggles with her self-identity: "I feel happy, I feel sad, I feel like running through the walls / I'm overjoyed, I'm undecided, I don't know who I am / Maybe I'm not perfect / At least I'm working on it / 22 is like the worst idea that I have ever had / It's too much pain, it's too much freedom, what should I do with this? / It's not the way you plan it / It's how you make it happen."

The chorus is catchy, but it relies more on cliches as Williams sings about making the best of her situation: "It's such a cold, cold world / Hello cold world / And it's got me down / But I'll get right back up as long as it spins around."

'Hello Cold World' is an accessible tune about being happy with your situation in life, and the optimistic tone should make it a hit with listeners. Paramore's next album is expected to arrive in 2012, and based on 'Hello Cold World' and 'Renegade,' it sounds like they're on the right track.

Listen to Paramore's 'Hello Cold World'