Paul Van Dyk's song, 'Eternity,' featuring Owl City's Adam Young, is sure to be a hit because it's impossible to get it out of your head! Now, another reason for it to get stuck? Once you watch the video, you'll spend hours just trying to put the pieces of it together -- all while humming the infectious melody it brings.

The 'Eternity' video opens in an arcade titled 'Evolution,' after Van Dyk's album that drops on April 3. You're drawn into the machine, which has a game taking place in space.

An astronaut on a moon-style buggy crosses a desert-like landscape. Then we're taken into a 'Tron'-style room of neon lights, with the astronaut at center stage once again. Next, we're back in the desert, with group of young adults dressed in animal skins. They hold each other, look glumly about and begin to walk, passing a deserted, rundown building in the process. The main girl that we can see bears a striking resemblance to Megan Fox.

Then it gets kind of creepy: There are weird guys in masks and robes (think 'Eyes Wide Shut'), a giant floating bust that crumbles in the air and odd antennae (or are they tentacles? Who knows?) coming from people's heads. The Megan Fox doppelganger bids what looks like a farewell to her comrades and goes into the ocean -- and emerges as an astronaut. Are you following this? We're not, so just checking!

Check out the epic, if baffling, video below and let us know if you can figure it out in the comments!

Watch Paul Van Dyk 'Eternity' Video