Paul Van Dyk and Plumb turn up the drama in a near-tearjerker for their 'I Don't Deserve You' video.

The clip opens with Van Dyk and Plumb, who bears a striking resemblance to classic pinup Bettie Paige, in a vintage red ride squealing away. Both Van Dyk and Plumb are rocking shades, he in aviators and she in classic frames. Plumb is seated low in the front as Van Dyk drives down a country road, occasionally looking back over his shoulder.

The pair are being trailed by police, who stop and ask a seedy-looking guy for information on their whereabouts. Eventually the duo pull over and Van Dyk pulls a lethargic Plumb out of the vehicle -- and it turns out she's lethargic for a reason. There's a bloody wound in her abdomen. Yikes!

He picks her up and abandons the car, trudging across a field. The boys in blue are hot on their trail, though, and pull over right by the red whip. One of them emerges with a rifle as his superior watches carefully. Plumb sees what's going on and appears to give up the battle for her life in Van Dyk's arms. Van Dyk turns to look at the officers, who draw their weapons ... and who knows what happens next?

It's a moving, tragic and pretty surprising clip, appropriate with the song's theme: After all the wrongdoing a lover does, they feel undeserving of the person they adore. Plumb gave in -- and maybe Paul did, too.