The NFL season is officially underway, and pop stars like Travie McCoy and Wiz Khalifa are helping support their favorite teams with customized anthems.

Gym Class Heroes' McCoy turns in a New York City and New York Giants love letter with 'All In.' If you say you don't groove to the hook "I love this city," we're going to check you for a pulse. He also references the four Super Bowl rings the New York Football Giants have won amid other New York-centric landmarks. It's enough to make the New York Jets fans feel jealous!

Texas-born cutie Kelly Clarkson sings 'Get Up,' an anthem for the Dallas Cowboys, known in the Lone Star state as America's team. The tune should amp up quarterback Tony Romo enough to complete his passes on the money. When she sings "Only Texas has it all," we believe her.

Dad-to-be Wiz Khalifa has his home city of Pittsburgh in his DNA, and it would be criminal if his breakthrough song 'Black & Yellow' wasn't chosen for the Steelers. The 'Steeler Nation Remix' of the song slows it down, and adds a few flourishes and it's just as awesome as the original. Wiz bleeds black and yellow, like Ben Roethlisberger.

Listen to Travie McCoy, 'All In'

Listen to Kelly Clarkson, 'Get Up'

Listen to Wiz Khalifa, 'Black & Yellow (Steeler Nation Remix)'