Forget paws up. Claws are out!

Lady Gaga revealed that celeb blogger Perez Hilton -- a wannabe celeb himself who attends baby showers of the stars -- sent her a nasty digital note after she sustained her hip injury (revealed to be break, not a tear) and canceled her Born This Way Ball tour.

Hilton (real name Mario Lavandeira) threw some serious shade, texting Gaga a pic of herself in a wheelchair with her nemesis Madonna pointing a gun at her. He also wrote "Karma."

That's pretty mean.

While Gaga said that the text came after her "accident," we can surmise that she meant after she called off the tour and revealed she was having surgery for her damaged hip.

She also told the Little Monster nation not to be affected by trash talk doled out by Hilton and to not let themselves feel bullied. Hilton, however, can expect a flood of hate tweets from monsters for daring to send Gaga such a text. (Hey, he's the one with her phone number...)

Below are Ma Monsters tweets.

Gaga also shared some photos with references to pigs, which many are interpreting as shots fired at Hilton. We're not quite sure, since it has something to do with a live streaming show, as well. Could it be an allusion to casting pearls before swine and how we shouldn't do that?

See those photos below.

She also shared a still from the 'Applause' video, which debuts Monday (Aug. 19).