Sadly, what they say may actually be true -- nice guys finish last. Pip was respectable in his attempt to show his "edgy rocker" side on Monday's episode of 'The Voice,' delivering a grittier-than-normal number in the Killers' 'When You Were Young.' But at the end of the day, even the judges agree that he's still a kid named Pip with a bowtie addiction and raging dimples.

Unlike many of his fellow competitors, Pip is pretty confident in his ability to win the show, which he was hoping to relay tonight and show America that he really rocks. Though he sported a leather jacket and a pair of tight fire-red pants, Pip was still rockin' his signature bow tie, proving that he is never really too far from his safe zone.

Sure, he danced across the stage and into the crowd like the sixth member of One Direction -- to the delight of the young girls in the audience -- but rather than teasing to leave them wanting more, he offered the whole package in hand with flowers and a promise ring.

But dimples are hard to deny, and Pip could certainly rally much of America's young vote. Judge Christina Aguilera said she "appreciates" his vocals, but that he was trying too hard. Lucky for him, she's not the one he has to impress.

His own coach, Adam Levine, even said that it was too safe ... but is that really a bad thing? Tune in to the results show on Tuesday (April 10) to find out if being "trustworthy" will hurt Pip enough to send him packing.

Watch Pip Perform 'When You Were Young' on 'The Voice'