Everyone needs a best friend and often times celebs can't trust people, so they turn to companions that will never become a tabloid "source" or hang around them for their fame or money... pets! Stars like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are all avid animal lovers and why shouldn't they be? What's better than coming home from a long day of photoshoots and paparazzi hassling you than to be greeted at the door by a wagging tail? Nothing. That's what.

Let's cuddle up to GIFs of our favorite pop stars playing with kitties, puppies and other fine furry friends!

Taylor Swift's cat Meredith is such a show off. We could scale things like that too.... (no, we can't).

This GIF calls for a mathematical equation: One Direction + puppies = swoon.

Miley's dog waves to her best friends...the paparazzi, of course!

Most people despise pigeons. Louis Tomlinson on the other hand...

 Lady Gaga shows us that pets can be more than just companions. They can be accessories.

Careful with your kitty, Katy! They don't always land on four feet, ya know!

If we had to title this GIF of a monkey licking Justin Bieber's cheek, we would call it 'Boop.'

*Sigh* We wish we were Joe Jonas' bulldog...

Aw, c'mon James! Just let your puppy win one game of tug o' war!

James Maslow gives "puppy dog eyes" a new meaning.

We can't decide if the puppy or Cher Lloyd is cuter!

Okay, Bruno and your monkey merrymen, close us out!