When it comes to her career, Rihanna doesn't play around. Allegedly, the 'S&M' hitmaker has fired her mogul mentor Jay-Z and the whole RocNation management team due to financial irregularities in her paperwork.

PopDust reports that RiRi had been considering the move for quite a few months, ignited by the fact that RocNation began unofficially sponsoring Jay's now pregnant wife Beyonce back in April. Apparently, Rihanna feared that she wouldn't be getting the support she needed -- or first pick of the best endorsement deals -- and now that the Nation is expanding, the Barbadian songstress is saying sayanora to Jay-Z.

The official announcement is still pending, but MediaTakeOut, who first reported Rihanna's exit strategy, says that things will get hairy, given that Ri has a lawsuit pending on her RocNation manager's sister. While that's most unrelated (it involves a real estate deal gone awry), it could stir up even more trouble.

We'll be on the edge of our seats until the big announcement drops, but in the meantime, we just can't help ourselves ... Hey Jay-Z -- in the famous words of Donald Trump, "You're fired!"