When Rihanna was tapped to be the spokesmodel for Armani's line of jeans and lingerie we certainly were expecting some sexy ads from the pop siren. The songbird didn't disappoint as her first ad for the clothing line has been revealed.

The Armani Jeans fall/winter 2011-12 campaign features RiRi wearing a blond wig and sitting behind a '50s-era vehicle, while rocking a black midriff sweater and tight skinny jeans. Rihanna looks like a futuristic biker chick in the black-and-white ad complete with some cool motorcycle boots.

The photo was shot in New York by photographer Steve Klein, who directed Lady Gaga’s video for 'Alejandro.' The photog wanted to capture a classic film noir motif for the ad and judging by the dark and mysterious look on Rihanna's face, we think Mr. Klein got the shot he was looking for in the Armani campaign.

Rihanna is definitely maintaining her endorsement deals. Among the companies the 23-year-old singer is hawking for included Vita Coca coconut water and skincare company NIVEA.