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As if Rihanna's holiday season wasn't awesome enough, her single 'We Found Love,' is atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the eighth week in a row making it her single most successful single in her career! 'We Found Love,' has now been on top of the charts for longer than both 'Umbrella,' and 'Love The Way You Lie.' Quite a feat! Her collaborator, Calvin Harris, was also celebrating via Twitter as he is responsible for writing the hit single. Somewhere in Japan, Lady Gaga was having trouble sleeping and so she coped the only way a Mother Monster knows how-- staging a solo fashion show, of course. Rick Ross was putting the finishing touches on his upcoming mixtape and Romeo was more than peeved he went to see 'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,' last night. Stars like Adele, Fat Joe, Christina Perri and Soulja Boy were all readying themselves for the holidays. Unfortunately for Soulja Boy, he had some gripes about his mother's not-so-stellar gift hiding skills. Well, when you're buying yourself private jets, what do you expect? See what your favorite stars were chirping about today!



#WFL is still at #1 on BBHot100 for an 8th week, making it our biggest record to date! Who knew we wud beat LTWYL r UMBRELLA? #MAJAH #TTT




Song I wrote just went 8 weeks at billboard no.1 which makes it Rihanna's biggest single #isthisreal




So The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was a very disturbing movie and long. I knew we should have saw Jack n Jill! Mood = Pissed




Put'n final touches on #RozayNewTape




Can't sleep Tokyo jet lag. Having a fashion show by myself of some new vintage finds. #dontjudgeme #iwasbornthisway




Back on the grind. Hair and make up did. Merry Christmas! Axx pic.twitter.com/kbBE0A1e




If I ever die, please don't bring Sharpies to my wake and draw dongs all over my face. That wouldn't be cool.




Happy Holidays 2 all the TROOPs and There Families!!!!!! THANK YA!!!! yfrog.com/kijjbpjj




you know youre home for the holidays when the smell of delicious homemade food wake u up : )




my mom is a horrible gift hider