Rihanna treated fans to a sneak peek of her 'We Found Love' video this week. The Barbadian chanteuse released a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the vid for her latest single, showcasing the creative process from brainstorming the choreography to getting dirty -- literally, figuratively, and linguistically -- while shooting in Belfast, Ireland.

The preview features Rihanna dancing in mud with a throng of admirers on a farm. Later, Rihanna exclaims, "We're going to f--- on a hot a-- car!" which is followed by footage of Rihanna looking exhausted in a car with a co-star who bears a striking resemblance to her ex, Chris Brown.

Seeing as it's not easy to find someone with a peroxide blond cropped do and tattoos anymore, the Breezy doppelganger may be deliberate. Rihanna says that this video is about much more than dancing in dirt, though. "It's one of the deepest videos I've ever done," she explains. "It's about love being like a drug ... The good feeling of it and the dangers of it."

Based on Rihanna's history, it's safe to say her version of love as a drug will be deeper and more dangerous than Kesha's.

Watch Behind the Scenes of Rihanna's 'We Found Love'