Get ready, PopCrushers! We've got a fresh new face-off for this week's Pop Clash! After Demi Lovato's 'Nightingale' was retired to the Hall of Fame, we paired up Rixton's 'Hotel Ceiling' with Charli XCX's 'Doing It.' Which song should win the Pop Clash?

Rixton brings all the feels with their 'Hotel Ceiling.' Not only does the Ed Sheeran-penned track have heart-wrenching lyrics, but the band pours a ton of emotion into the song. We can feel their sadness with each word, and isn't the marker of good music the ability to tug at your heartstrings? Consider us moved, Rixton.

Charli XCX also brings emotion -- but a totally different kind -- with her 'Doing It.' From the opening notes, we just want to dance. It's pure pop and energy, two qualities Charli has perfected. Add in Rita Ora's amazing vocals, which are featured in the latest remix, and you've got one of the best pop hits of the year.

Which song should win the Pop Clash? You can vote for Rixton's 'Hotel Ceiling' or Charli XCX's 'Doing It' once an hour until the polls close at 3PM ET on Feb. 9.

Watch Rixton's 'Hotel Ceiling' Video

Watch Charli XCX's 'Doing It' Video