Last week, Olivia Chisholm found herself in the bottom two and had to sing for her life on the show. She made it to this week, but she knew she had to work to avoid ending up in that position again. That's why her choice of 'Stayin' Alive' by the BeeGees from the film 'Saturday Night Fever' was, well, perfect.

Robin Thicke obviously still believes in his one remaining duet partner. He said she was strong in the showdown and really showed her heart and soul. He also said he didn’t care if she ended up in the bottom two every week as long as she keeps trying. That made the song very symbolic for Chisholm. She said, “It’s all about not giving up, so I’m not giving up.”

And her performance made it clear that she wasn’t just going to roll over and let the others have the top spots. Both Thicke and Chisholm seemed to have a blast performing the song together. When they were done, host Quddus asked Chisholm if there was anything she did differently this week. She said, “I just tried to have more attituded and and sing out rather than hold back.”

Mission accomplished. Attitude was the name of the game for this song and the judges noticed. Kelly Clarkson said it was her favorite performance of Chisholm’s so far. She said, “I liked how confident you were.” She also noticed that almost being sent home has fueled a fire in Chisholm.

Jennifer Nettles continued the positive reactions saying she was very impressed by the song choice. She said, “I love the more upbeat stuff for your voice. It showcases a different part of your voice.” She agreed with Clarkson that this was her favorite performance of Chisholm’s because "it was so fun and energetic." John Legend also had positive notes saying he felt more power from Chisholm than in the past.

Chisholm, who performed third, squeezed past Jordan Meredith for the second place spot and ended up in the fourth spot by the end of the show. This meant she was safe for the week and really did stay alive.

Watch Robin Thicke and Olivia Chrisholm Perform 'Stayin' Alive' on 'Duets'