We bet these papers made Sean Kingston's face drop. The 'Fire Burning' singer was sued after allegedly attacking a woman at a Justin Bieber concert!

While details are scant so far, Radar Online reports that Kingston and a bodyguard were served with a civil summons stemming from the alleged attack. Apparently, the pair didn't act alone, either -- reports suggest that it was actually a gang attack in 2010, when the Jamaican-born Kingston was opening for Biebs. A private investigator served Kingston and his security detail a summons at an airport stop in Los Angeles. What in the world?!

This is only the most recent trouble for poor Kingston. Following his jet skiing accident, police cited Kingston for “careless operation [of a vehicle] in an accident” and fined him $180 (chump change, but still -- he probably learned his lesson once he almost died).

Maybe behavior like this is what spawned rumors that Bieber's girlfriend, Selena Gomez, wasn't a fan of his friendship with Kingston. Here's hoping whatever really went down comes to light and justice is served!