Back in December, Selena Gomez appealed to her fans to help choose the notes for her new fragrance. The people have spoken! What scent did they find sweetest?

Fans flocked to raspberry, freesia and vanilla for the fragrance's top, heart and base notes, respectively. Gomez announced the winners via email to those who participated. "I am very excited to share this new perfume with each and every one of you," Gomez enthused after revealing the victorious scents. "Please stay tuned for information regarding the launch of my fragrance, available at Macy’s this May, and for the announcement of our 10 lucky winners who will be flown out to New York to help me make my final decision. Again, thank you for your help!"

Raspberry, freesia and vanilla were in the lead by a wide margin even when the poll was first announced. Raspberry was up against apple and melon for the top note spot, while freesia faced off with jasmine and vanilla vied for the position against coconut. Anyone else getting hungry just reading this?

We can't wait to smell Gomez's new fragrance. If her ad campaigns are anything like the ones her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, did for his Someday scent, we expect a lot of laughs -- and a lot of sales.