Selena Gomez may have seemed like an ice queen in the wake of her breakup with Justin Bieber. She barely flinched over the emotional and heartbreaking songs on his acoustic EP that were about their relationship. However, a source has said that while Sel might not be publicly demonstrative about it, she is worried about her former BF since he has dealt with some drama in recent weeks.


Oh, you know, garden variety, 4AM hang sessions with several girls, rumors about a reality show contestant, tweet heat with the Black Keys, mystery dates and more.

"Selena has been really worried about Justin and his out-of-control actions," an insider close to the sitch said. "She's been trying to be supportive in the past few weeks."

The fact that Gomez still cares and lets The Biebs know it in private (as opposed to all over Hollywood) has him thinking that there might be a chance for them to exhume their relationship.

The source said that won't happen, since she never (like ever) wants to get back together with The Biebs.

We can think of millions of Beliebers who would happily take her place.

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