Skylar Grey certainly knows how to get our attention and hold onto it with a vice-like grip. The singer released a 15-second teaser for her upcoming 'Dance Without You' video and it made us want more, more, more. It's a quarter of a minute of mayhem where Grey shows off her dark side and her shades of "grey."

Grey's eyes are smeared with heavy black makeup and she is in what appears to be a hospital room or some sort of asylum grabbing onto another girl wearing a hospital gown. We're not sure what the hell is going on between them, but we're doubly captivated by the image. Maybe they're both going a little crazy?

It's dark, dirty and edgy, just like Grey herself, and it leaves you bewildered, curious and jonesing for another fix or five seconds of footage. Damn you, Skylar Grey. Your teaser is super short but it makes a lasting impact.

The good news is that you only have to wait until Tuesday, as the full video for 'Dance Without You,' from her forthcoming album 'Invisible,' debuts on Vevo.

Listen to the full audio of the industrial-tinged, crunchy 'Dance Without You.' Those crushing drumbeats are as immediate as our own heartbeat and Grey's icy voice enraptures us and leaves our dreams haunted.

Watch the Teaser For the 'Dance Without You' Video