Sklyar Grey comes a little -- wait, make that a lot -- undone in the video for 'Dance Without You.' Depending on how you interpret what's going on in this uber creepy yet spectacular video, it's not a stretch to surmise that Grey is dancing with herself.

The video opens with a young girl wearing a hospital gown in an examining room, sporting a wild mane of hair, singing the song, going a little bit crazy. She's exposed and vulnerable on many levels and she does not seem in control. Chipped black nail polish dots her fingers as she runs her hands over her back -- like something under her skin is scratching and clawing to get out and wreak some havoc. What actually lies beneath is her alter ego, which bursts from her back in a twisted perversion of the Greek goddess Athena who came out from the god Zeus' head!

Grey is the "entity" that springs from the hospitalized girl's back. She is cloaked head to toe in black, singing and gyrating and cutting an intimidating figure as she taunts the hospitalized girl.

That said, both ladies are coming undone and look a bit disheveled in this haunting, dark, scary and utterly gothic video. For her part, when she sings, Grey is a woman possessed.

The video ends -- SPOILER ALERT-- with Grey stepping over the girl, in a pile on the floor. Perhaps Grey has shed that skin and is ready to enter the world again as a tougher, stronger person?

Watch the Skylar Grey 'Dance Without You' Video