Skylar Grey, who has reinvented herself as a sexified nymph after going the goth route a few years back, shared not one, but two behind-the-scenes clips from the trailer park locale of her upcoming video for 'C'Mon Let Me Ride,' which features Eminem. In them, she talks about her recent image change.

Grey and Em go way back, since she co-wrote his smash 'Love the Way You Lie.' She is making a comeback with an assist from the biggest rapper ever.

Grey sets the location -- "a strange little trailer park in Michigan" -- and we meet some colorful characters. Em shows up to dispute a pervasive myth about his background.

"Why does everyone think I am from a f---ing trailer park?," Eminem asked the camera rhetorically. "Why can I not break that stereotype? I've lived in them, yes, many of them, for many years, but that does not mean I am from a trailer park."

Point taken.

Grey reveals a bit of the rationale behind her stylistic and image change, saying the video "is a clear example of the part of me that will surprise my fans. I can be really goofy. I know people think I am dark and sad and melancholy all the time. But that's just one huge part of me. I'm also really silly and I have a really dirty mind. I can't help it. It just goes there."

Then she is shown having a little fun with a lollipop.

Grey also said the song and the video are meant to poke fun of the overly sexualized aspects of culture and music.

So perhaps her big "change" into a sexier, sultrier pop tart is not a lame attempt to win fans since the goth thing is no longer in vogue. Maybe it's her "Gotcha!" moment?

Guess we'll find out when the video premieres on Dec. 11.

Watch the Skylar Grey 'C'Mon Let Me Ride' Teaser 2