Skylar Grey debuted her first single, 'Invisible,' on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning. While she coos "Even when I set myself on fire / Why do I always feel invisible? / Invisible?" and "Even though inside I'm such a mess / Why do I always feel invisible?," we're going to have to disagree with her, because Grey is anything but invisible.

Thanks to her head-turning, raven-haired good looks and her voice, which is equally honeyed and icy, Grey is more than just a blip on our radar. However, her song is an ode to feeling alone in a crowded room and feeling like no one can see the real you. The song addresses the notion of image, and the battle between the real you vs. the you that people see. It's weighty subject matter encased in a pop song, with the lyrics surrounded by beats are light and airy.

The mellow but sharp, mid-tempo rainy day song has a lazy beat that repeats itself under Grey's DNA-distinct voice, which is so feminine that if it were a color, it would undoubtedly be pink. It's a dreamy song that's also edgy. Grey also sings about dying her hair and "trying everything to make them see me / But all they see is someone that's not me." We get the point that even a beautiful, famous and talented pop star can feel like no one "gets" or "knows" her.

Grey posted a note for her fans about this song, saying that 'Invisible' is one of the only co-writes on her upcoming album, 'Invinsible.' Grey, a songwriter who has authored hits for the likes of Rihanna and Eminem, revealed that the song boasts "a hook I've been saving for myself ever since the days of writing 'Love the Way You Lie' and 'Coming Home.'" Kudos to Grey for saving a hook for herself instead of being a selfless songwriter and passing it off to another pop artist to perform! She deserves it.

Listen to 'Invisible' by Skylar Grey.