Stereo Hogzz opened up the group performances on Tuesday's 'X Factor' with a bang, leaving little room for improvement from the acts that followed. The R&B five piece waltzed onto the stage with Otis Redding's classic 'Try a Little Tenderness,' which brought tender tears to Paula Abdul's eyes before the song had even reached its first chorus.

Like true professionals, the Houston-based Hogzz danced around the stage in perfect form (and perfectly matched outfits), belting out lines from the classic track with some rap verses diced in for good measure. The crowd loved it, and more surprisingly, so did all of the judges.

"You guys have come a long way. You put in the work. As much as I want to put in some criticism, I have to admit that it was really good," the infamously critical L.A. Reid told the guys after they wrapped their performance. Nicole Scherzinger added, "It was current and classic at the same time," perfectly summarizing their effort.

When it was Simon Cowell's turn to talk, everyone in the room held their breath, expecting the worst. "I'm trying to say something but my mouth won't say it," he started. "Paula, you did a really good job." After his unexpected positivity (he loves to tease the audience), the room erupted in cheers. Closing out his commentary, he added, "I love this band -- there is nothing in the charts like you right now and there needs to be."

Stereo Hogzz mentor Paula Abdul didn't have much to say, and only thanked the group for believing in her. "You trusted me, thanks so much," she said. "I love you."

Watch Stereo Hogzz Sing 'Try a Little Tenderness' on 'X Factor'