It's no secret that Swizz Beatz loves the arts. He's avid painter and has designed shoes and cars for Reebok and Lotus, respectively. So it's cool to hear that the hip-hop producer donated $50,000 to the Bronx Charter School for the Arts in New York.

The South Bronx native has personally sponsored the school and is inspiring the young kids' there to pursue the arts. He hopes this will encourage other music artists to become more philanthropic. "Artists are always holding [out] for the auction side of it and they don't really know why they're there," he tells The Grio. "I encourage them to go a little deeper and go visit the school or the hospital and learn more and spread the knowledge because I think it's more effective that way."

Meanwhile, Swizz plans to take his passions for the arts to the next level. According to the Life + Times blog, the 33-year-old studio maverick is opening his own art gallery next year. Swizzy got the idea during an international trip where he met fellow painters like himself. "I want my gallery to be for young up-and-coming artists from around the world that people wouldn’t easily discover,” he says. "I feel like I found the new [Andy] Warhol in Japan, the new [Takashi] Murakami in Hong Kong -- not to compare their work so much but as far as [their] thinking outside of the box. I found a couple of sick artists in Africa [and] in Mexico too.”

For Swizzy, painting and designing is not just a side hustle, it's a way of life. "That’s what I’m here to do -- I wanna inspire," he says. "That’s why I do so many things; I want to be the Renaissance Man of our generation, that’s my goal."

Watch Swizz Beatz Donate to the Bronx Charter School for the Arts