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Simon Cowell Has One Night Stand, Gets Robbed
One night stands can be dangerous, dangerous things, and we're not talking about communicable diseases that can often be a byproduct of them, either. Acid-tongued 'X Factor' judge Simon Cowell hooked up with a woman he met at a Hollywood nightclub last October, brought her home and awoke to find tha…
Meet the Next Rebecca Black: Introducing Double Take
Here's a math problem for you. Take everything that critics say is wrong with Kesha: that she's a poor influence, that she talks instead of actually singing or rapping, that she abuses Auto-Tune, etc. Multiply it by 1,000. Subtract the self-awareness, songwriting ability, catchy hooks, humor and gli…
Taylor Hanson to Have Baby No. 5
Baby makes five! Taylor Hanson, 29, of Hanson and his wife Natalie, 28, are set to welcome their fifth child. That's quite a big brood the couple are cultivating. The men of Hanson must be trying to populate another family-friendly pop group with all of their children.

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