Taylor Swift covers the March issue of ELLE in a geometric yellow dress. She goes high fashion in the spread, wearing pink rosettes, a caged hat and purple gown (where she is on her knees and holding onto her heels, in quite the submissive pose) and is generally more sophisticated than usual. She also talks about love. Lots of love. Different kinds of love.

In the feature, she tells the mag that she takes the temperature about the gossip on her not by reading blogs but by what fans say to her when they meet her on the street. She does know that media types love the angle that she is chasing someone who doesn't like her as much.

She will engage her fans, too. "If they're cool and talk to me like one of my friends, then I am going to talk to them like one of my friends," T. Swizzle said.

Hear that, Swift fans? Don't shriek or bum rush her. Play it cool should you, you know, happen to bump into her at the mall.

As for love? The interview took place while she was in the midst of her red-hot (at the time) and now-defunct romance with One Direction pulse quickener Harry Styles. She didn't talk about Hazza but she did reference how she ends things. "I don't think I've ever yelled at an ex-boyfriend. Ever. I'm not a yeller. I'm not a fit thrower. When it's done, it's done. There's nothing that really needs to be said," she said.

When asked if she's every really been in love, the kinda of big, inconvenient, can't-live-without-it love that Carrie Bradshaw spoke of, Swift didn't think so but she did let a whole bunch of cats out of the bag. She said she's felt "versions of love that weren't the love. Love mixed with infatuation. Love mixed with comfort, and like, settling. Love mixed with a dangerous level of mind games. Love mixed with too much competition."

Okay, here's which exes we think she meant. Love mixed with infatuation was Taylor Lautner. Love mixed with comfort, and like, settling was Joe Jonas. Love mixed with a dangerous level of mind games was Jake Gyllenhaal. Love mixed with too much competition was John Mayer.

Despite all that love mixed with things that aren't love or love-like, Swift is optimistic. "I need to live in a world where the best love is ahead of me, not behind me," she said.


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