Earlier this month, it was rumored that Taylor Swift had nabbed a role as a butt kicker in a spy movie. Those reports were sorta shot down. Now, she's said to be joining the cast of 'The Giver,' starring alongside America's greatest actress of the modern era -- Meryl Streep.

Jeff Bridges also has a role, as does Aussie actor Brenton Thwaites...

...Brenton Thwaites? Hold up, hold up. hold up. Wait, why do we know that name? Isn't he... he's the guy she was seen chatting up at a film premiere in Toronto. Yes, that's it!

She talked to him and then it became, at least in the media, an instant "OMG-T-Swizzle-talked-to-a-guy-and-now-she's-thinking-marriage-and-has-written-a-double-album-of-songs-about-him" situation.

The movie will shoot in South Africa, and Page Six reports that America's sweetheart was offered the role by Harvey Weinstein when she was in Toronto. The deal was reportedly JUST closed.

Swift has acted before, in the ensemble rom com 'Valentine's Day,' which also starred her ex-BF, Taylor Lautner. Maybe she'll get chummier with Thwaites while adding a film to her resume.

It'll be interesting to see Swift share the screen with Streep. We bet she'll be, like, totally in awe of Miss. Meryl. And that's how it should be.

PopCrushing Swifties, who wants to see Tay Tay on the big screen? Or do you prefer her behind a guitar and a mic stand?