While Taylor Swift never reveals where she actually works or what she actually does in her video for 'Ours,' her latest webisode implies that her company's not unlike another famous office. As in, 'The Office.'

With camera work and perspectives similar to the documentation of Dunder Mifflin, Swift's latest webisode examines the office gossip that surrounds her. She's new to the company and appears to keep to herself. You know how they say you have to watch out for the quiet ones? It might be because the air of mystery breeds so many rumors! While Swift is well loved in reality, once in character, she doesn't have many fans. The latest clip examines each of their stories and what they think of Swift.

The heavyset, ginger head of I.T. doesn't think much of Swift at all. "Oh, sweater girl? Half scarecrow, half sweater? Blonde? I don't remember her name," he says, "but she spends a lot of company time on inappropriate things on the Internet."

What kind of stuff is she wasting company time on? "Cat videos," the head of I.T. says, disapprovingly. "Lots of cat videos. And every once in a while puppies to mix it up." This makes sense -- Swift has cat stickers on her monitor, one of which looks like her adorable new "roommate," Meredith.

Why hasn't Swift gotten flak for her behavior? Another coworker has a theory: "Because she sits next to the boss's son, and he likes her." The coworker, who sits in the cafeteria at the same time as -- but never with -- Swift, seems tuned in to gossip. "She talks about this guy sometimes, but he never comes."

For his part, the boss's son loves his power trip. "I run things here," he says smugly. "I can make her or break her ... I may or may not have left my phone number on her desk," he said carefully. "The boyfriend? I don't think he really exists."

The video is pretty hilarious and examines not only the imaginary staff's views on Swift, but also delves into each of their back stories. It's both funny and endearing -- two qualities we've come to expect from Swift.

Watch Taylor Swift's 'The Office' Webisode