Taylor Swift continued her practice of covering songs by local artists when she performed Pink's 'Who Knew' and TLC's 'Unpretty' at her Philadelphia concert on Saturday.

Swift performed the medley alone with an acoustic guitar. Her voice was a nice fit for the emotional ballad 'Who Knew.' 'Unpretty' was a logical song choice since it's the TLC single that most relies on acoustic guitar. Some of Swift's younger fans may not remember the empowering 1999 TLC hit, so exposing them to the song was a great idea. Swift had to take the vocals up an octave, since few female singers can reach T-Boz's low register.

Swift, a Wyomissing, Pa. native, then teased the crowd by saying, "This is another song by an artist from Philly. I wanna see if you know it," and then playing her own 'You Belong With Me.'

Swift previously covered Justin Bieber in Toronto, Bon Jovi in New Jersey and Eminem in Detroit. The next stop on the Speak Now Tour is Chicago. Might Taylor cover Fall Out Boy, R. Kelly, or, dare we say, her one-time awards show nemesis Kanye West?

Watch Taylor Swift Cover Pink and TLC in Concert