We know Taylor Swift has a reputation for writing songs about guys she likes -- and guys she used to like -- but we've never seen her turn her prolific pen toward a historical figure. Until now, anyway: inspired by her interest in the Kennedy family, Taylor wrote a song -- and has struck up a budding friendship with Robert F. Kennedy's daughter Rory, and recently met his widow, Ethel.

As Taylor told the story to the Boston Globe in a recent interview, she reached out to Rory after reading about her famous father. "I had read up on Robert F. Kennedy and his wife, and I asked Rory if it would ever be possible for me to meet her mother," Swift remembered. "She said, ‘Here’s her number.’ Ethel was kind enough to have lunch and spend a few hours talking with me, and ever since then I’ve been so inspired by how full of life she is and the way she tells her story."

"She really just loves my mother, which is so sweet," Rory told ABC News Now. "I’m a huge fan of hers. I have young girls, and we had been to a few of her concerts. I met with her at one of them, and she had read a ton of books about our family. She was inspired and wrote a song."

The Kennedys invited Taylor to attend the Sundance screening of HBO's new documentary about Ethel (titled, appropriately enough, 'Ethel'), and she accepted. As you might imagine, the Kennedy/Swift summit created quite the film fest hubbub. As one reporter put it, "Swift entered the staging area, and the place went nuts. Turns out that the pop star and Ethel Kennedy are BFFs — seriously, they sat together at the screening and giggled like schoolgirls." (For the record, Swift later said the movie was "moving, hilarious, and beautiful.")

No word yet on what Taylor's song is called, what it sounds like, or whether it'll make the cut for her next album. But one thing seems likely: it won't feature any backing vocals from the Kennedy clan. "We are actually terrible, terrible singers," confessed Rory, "but we love to sing."