The Cab continue to beat out their opponents, including yesterday's -- 'American Idol' alum James Durbin. Now that the guys have reigned our ‘Sound Off’ series three days in a row with their hit 'Bad,' we are putting them up against some girls -- some very pretty girls from across the pond. This should heat up the competition a bit, right?

Today, we have the Cab's infectious single 'Bad' up against the Saturdays and their upbeat ballad 'My Heart Takes Over.' The songs may initally sound different, but they both feature infectious hooks and are associated with groups who have crazy loyal fans. So what's it gonna be guys? The Cab or the Saturdays? Be sure to cast your vote below!

Listen to the Cab, 'Bad'

Listen to The Saturdays, 'My Heart Takes Over'

Rules of ‘Sound Off’:
There’s only one rule for our ‘Sound Off’ series: If a song remains the reigning champ for five straight days, it is retired to PopCrush’s ‘Sound Off’ Hall of Fame. With tons of great tracks coming out everyday day, we have to give other artists a chance to win!