R&B crooner The-Dream released the first song from his digitally only LP '1977' -- and it's a killer. On top of that, the song 'Murderer' is accompanied by visuals from the trailer for the action flick 'Colombiana.'

The film stars Zoe Saldana who plays a young woman still traumatized after witnessing her own parents' murder as child growing up in Bogota. Years later, she becomes a lethal assassin and works as a hitman for her uncle during the day. But at night, she goes on a personal mission to find the murderers who were responsible for her parents' death. 'Colombiana' opens in theaters on Aug. 26.

The-Dream's 2-minute score with Spanish guitars and whining synthesizers fits perfectly with the butt-kicking scenes and explosions displayed in the movie's trailer. “Hopefully, the power of music Opens the Door of Original Music Together with Films Again,” tweeted the hitmaker via his Twitter account.

The crooner's 10-track digital EP '1977,' due out on Aug. 31, is a teaser before he releases his official fourth album 'The Love, IV: Diary of a Madman' later in the year. The-Dream recently shot a video for a song called 'Long Gone." No word on when that clip will hit the Internet.

Watch and listen to The-Dream 'Murderer' Video