Good news for fans of the Wanted: They're recording a new album -- and it may have some extra special guests on it.

The Brit hotties chatted with MTV about their in-the-works full length followup record. Their last full album was 2011's 'Battleground,' though stateside fans were tided over with their self-titled EP. The band, like their pals One Direction, are in the studio hard at work.

"Well, you know, it's going to be a new leaf for us because we've compiled all our three years of stuff into the EP, so now it's a new, fresh start for us," Jay McGuiness said. "The singles we started writing and recording, so far, we're excited about. But it's still gonna be parties for the Wanted. I think it's gonna be a few surprises too."

Siva Kaneswaran teased about potential guests on the album. "[It] could be collabs or it could be rapping," he said. "There's not gonna be any rapping; I'm just kidding. But it is surprising for ourselves, too, because we are just going to try and be daring and try and step it up a bit, so hopefully the fans will like it."

The boys gave more details about their potential collaboration with Chris Brown. Kaneswaran said, "We talked to Chris actually at 'The Voice,' and he said he was down as well." Bandmate Max George added, "We have got a song we think would be perfect."

Who else are they considering working with? None other than reigning pop prince Justin Bieber. "We talked about it, and we have a song that we think he'd sound great on," McGuiness said. We can't wait to hear what they've been working on!

Watch the Wanted Talk About Their New Album