Is there such a thing as too much bikini footage in a music video? Timbaland aims to find out with the new clip for 'Pass at Me,' his ode to the booty featuring Pitbull and David Guetta.

The video wastes no time establishing its direction with an opening scene in which a bevy of bikini beach babes frolic in the water. Next, viewers see Pitbull, who hangs out on board with a group of young ladies and serves as yacht captain as the vessel speeds through the water.

The repeated shots of the yacht almost make the video seem like a parody of the Lonely Island/T-Pain comedy tune 'I'm On a Boat,' which was itself a parody of cliche rap videos that use gimmicks like boats.

Viewers are treated to several booty close-ups throughout the song. Timbaland stays on dry land and enjoys watching girls in tribal-themed, bright red bikinis dance around him. Just in case that's not enough sexy, random shots of some of the girls showering together and engaging in pillow fights are mixed into the video as well.

Guetta finally shows up for the final minute, as the scene shifts to a concert setting, with the French DJ on stage performing for thousands of screaming fans.

The song 'Pass at Me' may not have been our favorite, but the video sure will have people talking. The track will appear on Timbaland's upcoming 'Shock Value III' album.

Watch the Timbaland 'Pass at Me' Video