For the first battle round of 'The Voice,' former Mickey Mouse Club member Tony Lucca and singer Chris Cauley, who has bluegrass in his blood, were pitted against one another. Both are members of Team Adam Levine and they squared off to sing U2's 'Beautiful Day,' which on paper, played a bit more to Cauley's strengths.

Pre-performance, Lucca was counseled by Alanis Morissette on what ranges he was comfortable with. He admitted there is a "large chunk" of his voice that can't go "there." That wasn't a good sign ... at first. He won the battle, so it didn't really work against him like we expected it to.

Cauley was mentored by the stylin' and profilin' Robin Thicke and that was a perfect match, since both have a bit of a blue-eyed soul vibe.

When these singers got on stage, Cauley proved that he could hit the high notes and had more range for this song, where Lucca visibly struggled.The former's red pants and confidence certainly helped him stand out, too. He turned in a theatrical performance.

Yet, for some reason unbeknowst to us, Levine chose Lucca, who gave a weaker performance, in our opinion. He said it was a tough choice and his team would be better regardless of who he chose. Well, it's his team and he'll pick whomever he wants.

In any case, congrats to Tony Lucca for moving on to the next round!

Watch Tony Lucca and Chris Cauley Perform 'Beautiful Day' on 'The Voice'