Lady Gaga's former boyfriend and producer Rob Fusari promised (or threatened, depending on your perspective) that he'd start unleashing Gaga tunes from their time together, and it looks like he is making good on his word. A previously unreleased tune, 'Reel Cool,' has surfaced.

We're pretty sure the Mother Monster isn't stoked about this, especially since the track dropped while she is smack dab in the middle of the Born This Way Ball tour over in Asia. Then there's that whole backstory of her and Fusari suing each other and settling out of court.

The song is included in a clip featuring footage of Gaga and Fusari taking a meeting at the Sony HQ in 2006. The duo plays the song for execs, as Gaga grooves in her seat. She's got a mane of dark hair and heavy bangs, and dedicated monsters will recognize this "era" of her look and its evolution. She oozes confidence, like "I know my song is the shizzy." She talks about how the song is straight disco but she flips it and makes it pop. Check out those gold booty shorts she's wearing, too. Oh, a sign of what was to come, fashion-wise.

The next scene finds Gaga giving an interview, revealing that Fusari christened her with the name Gaga, because she was theatrical like Queen's Freddie Mercury and there is a Queen tune called 'Radio Gaga.' That is a common fact in Gaga lore and history. It's no secret that her ex gave her moniker.

Is it us or does this clip feel like Fusari propaganda?

As for 'Reel Cool,' it's very dancey and sounds like 'The Fame' era Gaga, which was a little synthier and a bit more straightforward. There's a rap part, delivered by Gaga, and some breathy sex kitten vocals that sound like what Lana Del Rey does now. We know, we know. Gaga came first. It's just a reference point, monsters!

Honestly, 'Reel Cool' is not as good as the stuff she was doing downtown as Stefani Germanotta or on 'Born This Way,' but it still makes us wanna get down a little bit.

We've posted Fusari's video and then another clip with 'Reel Cool' isolated in case you just want to listen to the song and not be influenced by Fusari's agenda, which is to promote himself -- which, to be fair, he is well within his rights to do.


Watch Lady Gaga + Rob Fusari 'Reel Cool' Video

Listen to Lady Gaga 'Reel Cool'