There's no doubting Chris Rene had talent, but on tonight's 'X Factor' finale, he fell just short of the ultimate $5 million goal. And honestly? He looked pleased as punch to just be standing on that stage in the final three.

Rene's laid-back demeanor along with his harrowing back story made him instantly likeable, but he was not short on talent either. For someone who was an amateur at the beginning of the season, Chris proved himself week in and week out during the competition.

As the third place finisher was announced, Rene took the news like he had just found a $100 bill on the ground -- with a huge grin on his face. While it's no $5 million dollar prize, he sure got some good face on his 'X Factor' tenure. Maybe he was hamming it up for the cameras, but we genuinely think he was just happy to be there, especially considering all he had been through in his life. Chris may just be the guy who is actually happy just to be nominated.

While Chris won't be going home with the grand prize, he will go home a role model for his child and no shortage of memories for his unique style and original songs like 'Young Homie.'

Watch Chris Rene Get Eliminated on 'X Factor'