Rachel Crow, who is only 13 years old, picked a song this week on 'X Factor' that truly depicted the amazing maturity of her voice. She took on legendary blues singer Etta James and her hit 'I'd Rather Go Blind,' wowing everyone in the building.

Crow, who had to overcome a rough start to her life before being adopted by a loving family, was seen joking around with Adam Sandler on the red carpet of the movie 'Jack and Jill' prior to the performance.

Her mentor, Simon Cowell, said that this song "could be a game changer" for Crow, and he wasn't kidding.

Crow performed 'I'd Rather Go Blind,' and if you closed your eyes and listened, you would think she was a seasoned blues singer. It was a truly inspiring performance.

L.A. Reid called the performance his "favorite yet," while Paula Abdul called her "amazing."

Simon Cowell may have paid her the biggest compliment by telling Crow that she reminded him of "a little, mini Beyonce."

Watch Rachel Crow Perform 'I'd Rather Go Blind' on 'X Factor'